How We Spend Our Days:

A typical session at Caterpillar Nursery involves a circle time welcome during registration, with the children taking turns to be ‘Leader of the day’ – a VERY important role (among other duties, you get to count up how many children are playing at the nursery that day and you get to stand at the front whenever you line up!).

We’ll then invite your children to take part in a variety of adult and child led activities based on their individual interests and tailored to their specific needs and abilities. These activities could be indoors or outdoors – there’s plenty for them to do wherever they choose to be (the mud kitchen is always particularly popular!). Each child will get to experience working in lots of different ways with the other people at the nursery – on their own, in groups, with their key worker or just making magic (and sometimes a very productive mess!) with their friends.


There is a free flow snack system so that the children can access fruit, milk and water whenever they think it’s the right time for them.

We’re very lucky at Caterpillar Nursery that we do lots of special things on top of the ‘normal’ nursery day. Each week there is a Stagecoach drama class, a chance to do some cooking and often a chance to go on a nature walk as well. We get particularly excited about the festivals that the children celebrate at home and we plan lots of sparkly things to do around Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year… Any excuse to get out the glitter and have a little party!

Our links with local primary schools such as Brookhurst and Milverton mean that we are often invited to watch their Nativity plays, some of their assemblies and even be spectators at sports days. This means we have a chance to see what ‘big school’ is like before the official transition days, so your child can really look forward to moving on when the time comes.

We know that sharing stories is really lovely way for your child to spend time with the people who care for them, so every week they’ll get the chance to bring home a story sack containing books, games and ideas for talking about what you read together.

Last, but definitely not least, we’ve got a very special friend who’s recently come back to live at the nursery – our tortoise, Tilly. She was kindly passed on to us by our friends at Brookhurst and she can’t wait to meet you and show you around!::