Who We Are:

The Caterpillars Nursery team is made up of a super bunch of people who genuinely love their jobs. They have all the necessary statutory requirements for working with children (paediatric first aid training; child protection training; DBS checks – please ask if you’d like more information about any of these) and so much more besides. One of these lovely people will be your child’s key worker, which means they’re the person who will spend the most time getting to know your child, settling them in and then observing and supporting their journey through the Early Years. However, everybody works so closely together than you’ll find any one of them ready and willing to chat to you about your child or about any aspect of nursery life.

This is the bit where you can learn a little more about the team and what makes them smile!

Julie julie-pic

Julie is the manager of Caterpillar Nursery and has worked here (in two different stints) for 11 of her 18 years in childcare. She is a mother of two and a grandmother of three and she also enjoys sewing, reading and foreign travel. Her favourite thing about working with children is nurturing them and making a difference in their lives, watching them grow and develop into confident children. Julie not not only manages the nursery, but is constantly looking for ways that she and her staff can learn and grow themselves. As such, she holds an Early Years degree in Childcare and she is an advanced practitioner of the ‘Time to Talk’ programme (and the nursery holds an enhanced certificate for speech and language specialist training).

An interesting fact about Julie is that she has run the Race for Life with Jaki as part of a Caterpillar Nursery team.


Laura is the deputy manager of Caterpillar Nursery and has her own areas of responsibility – such as admissions – within the management team. She has worked at the nursery for nine years and recently completed her degree in Early Years Care and Education. Laura enjoys baking (she recently took part in a ‘Bake Off’ themed day at a cookery school!) and trying new craft hobbies, such as knitting. Her favourite thing about working with children is having the privilege to play a part in their Early Years development, which is such a formative time in the life of a child – in the time they spend at Caterpillar Nursery we see such a change in the children as they progress from being toddlers to independent children who are ready for the next stage of their lives. She especially enjoys working at Caterpillar Nursery as we are lucky enough to work closely with families and get to know the children and their siblings as they all come through the nursery over the years.

An interesting fact about Laura is that in May 2016, despite never having done anything sporty or active before, she took part in a 30 mile bike ride to raise money for the Stroke Association.


Jaki has worked at Caterpillar Nursery for nearly 10 years, having worked with children for 15 years. She is qualified to NVQ Level 2. She enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, as well as attending jive dance classes with her husband. Her favourite thing about working with children is watching them develop and she takes responsibility for organising regular nature walks for the children at the nursery – she can often be found leading a group of welly-booted littlies through piles of leaves!

An interesting fact about Jaki is that she’s had a flying lesson!

Kally kally-pic

Kally joined the Caterpillar Nursery team in 2014, though she has worked in childcare for over 13 years. She is qualified to NVQ Level 3. She enjoys baking at home with her own children (aged 3 and 6 years old) and her favourite thing about working with children is sharing creative activities with them and seeing their delight at the wonderful masterpieces they produce.

An interesting fact about Kally is that she has recently completed the Wolf Run challenge. Grrrrrrrr!


The Caterpillar Nursery committee

Caterpillar Nursery is run by a committee made up mainly, though not wholly, of parents who have children currently attending the nursery. All the committee members give their time on a voluntary basis and without them the nursery wouldn’t be able to operate. This may sound dramatic but it’s actually true – it’s in our fancy legal constitution and everything!

Therefore, we are always looking for parents who are willing to join the committee and share their time (and sometimes their professional expertise) to help ensure that everything at the nursery continues to run smoothly.

Some of the roles, such as chairperson, secretary and treasurer might have more established job descriptions, but other members of the committee take up responsibility for equally vital areas such as maintenance and fundraising.

The committee meets half termly (and there’s nearly always cake!), but the members are regular contact in between meetings to keep things ship-shape.

If you’d like to know a little bit more about being part of the committee, or even just volunteering on a more casual basis, then please speak to a member of staff at the nursery. They will happily put you in touch with a committee member who will try and answer your questions and explain how just a little bit of your time could make a big difference to the children at Caterpillar Nursery.