What Other People Say About Us:

  • “My daughter has been at caterpillars nursery since January. She absolutely loves it and settled in really well. The atmosphere is lovely and the staff are very friendly and helpful. We would recommend caterpillars to anyone!”


  • 1″My daughter started at Caterpillars in September 2015- we took a great amount of time deciding where to send Molly as she had always been at home or with Grandparents. Caterpillars was very highly talked about and recommended and since Molly has started we haven’t looked back. We have been so pleased and could not imagine her going anywhere else. I would recommended it to anyone in a heartbeat.The teachers and staff have been amazing- they are always so supportive and truly, truly caring. Molly has grown so much since staring at Caterpillars and often she will say or do something and I will ask where she heard or learned it and she will say, “At school.” It’s not just her level of “academic” knowledge that amazes me, but also the day to day behavioural interactions.Molly has really benefited from the structure at Caterpillars and I feel that when she progresses onto School she will have no issues adapting after experiencing the routines in place at Caterpillars.The teachers and staff at Caterpillars have been very instrumental and supportive during the learning curves of toddlers including- toilet training, getting dressed yourself, and learning about the world around you. I think it’s because they recognize each child as an individual yet at the same time remain focused on the class as a whole. It’s an immense task they execute very well.I’m also very pleased with how ‘modern’ Caterpillars is- it’s amazing how you update us with weekly newsletters, babydays online and a weekly diary- I can always immediately get hold of someone via mobile or email. As a parent this communication helps me feel inclusive of what Molly is doing each week as a result Molly looks forward to each new adventure at Caterpillars each day- of which there are many!Caterpillars is a great place for our children to learn, grow and have fun. Thank you for all you do and will continue to do.”